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Woke to the sound of thunder early this morning pretty quickly followed by the sound of rain. While we were having breakfast there seemed to be a mass exodus from the site. I have to say though that most were pre-planned as they began preparations last night.

Not so for the Dutch couple and child that arrived last night and parked next to us though. They appeared to be going out for the day and set off in the car, only to hesitate, then reverse back and then rapidly pack away their stuff and leave. They did provide us with some entertainment when they arrived last night though. On setting up and realising that the caravan was sloping across the axis of the axle ‘Mr Holland’ produced a spade and proceeded to dig a hole for the ‘high’ wheel to sit in! This instead of the usual practice of towing the ‘van’ up onto a mini ramp or a block. Even more confusing because they did have 2 ramps as they came out later and one was used against the wheel on solid ground, apparently to stop it rolling. The digging did keep him busy for a good 10 minutes and its quite rocky ground here as ordinary awning pegs won’t go in, you need rock pegs.

Anyway, as they were leaving ‘Mrs Holland’ informed me that the rain was here for 2 days and I just shrugged my shoulders, “c’est la vie” I said, I am obviously in full holiday mode now 😉

There is only us and one other unit on our tier now. Entertainment over for the morning we took a shopping trip to Embrun and came for a coffee and then a spot of lunch.

I think it will be DVD viewing time this afternoon and possibly some French TV. Might even find some Wimbledon tennis on if its not raining there?

Hold the front page! Looks like its brightening up and the sun is coming out ! All plans for the afternoon on hold !