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After a wet start to the day and a mornings shopping and sightseeing in Embrun I went for a ride in the afternoon. I revisited a route that was the first ride that I took in this area last year.

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 A ride of just over 20 miles to St Apollinaire, riding up from Savines la Lac to Puy Sanieres, a climb of about 5 miles and then on to St Apollinaire via the rises and falls that followed, but in some spectacular scenery.

Here is the view back down from Puy Sanieres after the climb.

View From Puy Saniere

And a little further on toward St Apollinaire  view of the road ahead..

Road Ahead

And what’s to follow after that bend, you might just be able to see a car making the climb that I am about to.

After that, this ....

The River Reallon, swollen by snow melt and rain coming down from the ski resort, in the dip before the final ride up into St Apollinaire

River Reallon

After St Apollinaire, which I visited the other day it’s pretty much all downhill and a chance to raise the average speed for the ride.  It’s not easy to get much above 30mph due to the frequency of bends and the possibility of oncoming traffic.  Although there isn’t much if any you always have to allow for the fact that there might be.  Left hand hairpins are OK as you can see what’s coming ahead and you can cut the corners but right hand ones are blind.