Sad to leave Lac Serre de Poncon but we had 10 days there and it was a nice long break with no towing and plenty of cycling opportunities.

The journey was good, we came via Briancon and up and over the Col de Lauteret. The top of which is the start of the eastern climb of the Col du Galibier. There were lots of cyclists about heading for one or both summits. It made for some spectacular driving, especially the descent down into the valley and the drive to Bourg d’Oison, the base for the climb up Alpe d’Huez, the scene of my last years ‘triumph’ ! Once again lots of cyclists to be seen. After that it was pretty flat and easy driving all the way.

On arrival we got set up and had a cup of tea then Jan went for a swim and I went for a bike ride down the cycle track on the old railway line down to Ugine on the way to Albertville. I only went that far, a round trip of 20 miles, and just for a change no gradient more than 3% being an ex railway line. I saw on arrival at the previous terminus that the trail has been extended. How far I don’t know but will have to find out one day.

The trail starts in Annecy and runs all the way down the lake side and then beyond. It is marked with a white line down the centre to keep both directions segregated. It is about 3m wide and it originally ran a total length of 30km and we are about 10km out of Annecy. It is used by cyclists of all capabilities and roller bladers. At weekends it is quite busy. A popular amenity and good to see.