I have printed  a summary of the figures from my rides.  The one I am most proud of is the total altitude gained in a vertical line in the course of my holiday rides.  It amounts to something just over 10,000 metres which is 6 miles of height,  I am not sure how many miles of actual climbing I did but I might try to work it out in a quiet moment

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It was great to have these experiences, especially completing the climb of Mont Ventoux.  However most of the other climbs had their claims to fame.  None were as long as Ventoux of course, or as high but some were steeper in parts for more sustained distances but Ventoux is legend and has a kind of aura about it that attracts cyclists from all over to ride it and in great numbers.  Just like Alpe d’Huez last year it’s on most cyclists ‘to-do’ list but not all are able or lucky enough to fulfil their ambitions.  I was and even at a late stage in my life I managed it.

I now have to find a new target to aim for, maybe it will be a long distance, multi day ride of some sort.  I am sure I will read of someone’s efforts somewhere and I will think I would like to do that or maybe a flash of inspiration will come to me while on one of my solo rides when I am talking to myself, not out loud I must add !!

Meanwhile I will maybe concentrate on trying to get road fit again and rekindle my road racing career, short lived as it was earlier in the year.  But after all these short but steep rides I will have to build up my average speeds again, I have got used to pacing myself with my heart rate monitor.