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Tuesday saw me on my first ride back in the UK.  Hard to believe it was exactly a week since my last ride which was up the Montagne du Semnoz.  What a contrast too as the profiles will show.

It was a 36 ‘ish mile loop around one of my regular rides in Bedfordshire.  I changed the rear cassette (Block *) back down to one with a 25 tooth ‘biggest’ sprocket from the 28 tooth one that I had been using in France and used it quite often.  I didn’t even get as low as the 25 here and seldom do.  This means I can have 10 gears in close ratios so no big changes of cadence.  It signified a change in approach for hills that only take 2 minutes to climb against mountain climbs of up to 2 hours.

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It was good to get a good rhythm going again though and a decent turn of speed.  I purposely stayed on the small chain ring for this ride to try and get my cadence up again as it had understandably suffered somewhat on the climbs while I was away.

I would love to be able to do those rides out there every day.  The heat, the scenery, the roads, the lack of traffic and what traffic there is very cyclist aware.  It’s not too bad here but most of our problems are caused by density of traffic I think.