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I got my wheels firmly settled back into the UK today with a revisit to well used and well liked short 21mile circuit.


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I didn’t have a lot of time but found time for a quick ride around this circuit that covers both sides of the River Ouse Valley between Olney and Felmersham.  The first half is usually the fastest because it is less hilly and usually has the benefit of a tailwind from the west which seems to be the prevailing most of the time.  I find I set a fairly good average speed on that leg and then struggle to stay as near as I can to it on the hillier and head wind section back to home.

Although I did lots of hard rides while away they were uphill and slow and shorter distances than I am used to here.   So a quick ‘sprint’ around, still only using the small chainring was designed to up my cadence again, which it did but also kept the top speed down a bit.  It was revs that I was after though but I did do the circuit in my fastest time so far.