I saw my first mountain bike, a Kona Lava Dome, languishing behind my other bikes in the garage this morning. It was missing several parts that at some stage over recent years had been ‘borrowed’ for other bikes. As it was a major part of my reintroduction to regular cycling a number of years ago I felt quite sorry for it.
I had a think for while and a rummage through my assorted collection of bike bits and decided I could do something with it to get it back into use.
Included in that was changing the 26″ wheels for 700mm and stripping off the MTB brakes for a single front caliper brake in a hole at the top of the forks that was conveniently already there. A rear brake being unnecessary with fixed wheels. I also swapped the triple chainring for a single. I have a use for the triple chainring on another project, watch this space!
Within a couple of hours I was the proud owner of a ‘new’ fun bike and looking forward to using it around town.
I actually went down the garage this morning to have a tidy up after a few days of changing equipment around on my various bikes. That job still needs doing but at least some of the parts have now been used up in a positive way.