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Here are the latest additions to the stable.. well not actually additions but remodelled.   They are bikes for Jan and I to use when we go out on bike rides together so that we are equally matched.


Hers ...

My bike is the frame that was my fixed wheel bike converted to a geared bike with with straight handle bars and lightweight 700mmx23mm wheels and tyres and multi gears with grip shift type gear changers.

Jans bike is a conversion of her mountain bike that had chunky 26″ wheels and tyres that are now converted to 700mm x 23mm wheels and tyres which I managed to get into the frame and the old cantilever brakes have been replaced with caliper brakes.  I also changed the gear changers froma  finger click type to grip shift type changers.  It wasnt quite as simple as it sounds as I had to do a lot of messing around to get brakes that were the right depth to meet the rims, and also to get the gears to work properly with the new changers.

Basically they are road bikes with straight bars instead of drops.  They are lighter, faster and more responsive than mountain bikes.  We didnt need the mountain bike set up because pretty much all the riding we will do will be on the road or cycle tracks.