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Back to routine yesterday with a ride on the Felt bike into Bedfordshire..

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It was a nice sunny morning so I started to get ready which was the signal for the sun to go in.. I set off not really knowing where I was going to go but I have so many local routes in my head now that I can pretty much make it up as I go along.  The only thing I usually take into consideration is the wind direction.   That isn’t usually detectable from the shelter of my garden but when I looked at the forecast earlier in the morning it appeared there was not going to much of a breeze even so I didn’t really pay much attention to that either.

Within about 10 minutes of my home I can be in either of 3 counties, Buckinghamshire where I live, Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire.  I elected for Bedfordshire as it tends to be a little flatter there.

I was riding over familiar roads and surprisingly there didnt seem to be many other cyclists about for a Saturday.  Once I got warmed up it was pretty easy going there are two or three hills but not much to worry about compared to my recent French experiences.

I am tending to concentrate on getting my cadence up when riding since my holiday and therefore pedalling faster in lower gears.  It means that when I am approaching hills I have a good rhythm going at the bottom.  I aim to be riding at about 90+ rpm on the flat and when I start to climb once the revs drop back down into the high 70’s I change down and get the revs up into the eighties again.  Then when I reach the top the reverse happens.  Once my revs hit the middle 90’s I change up and the revs drop into the 80’s and so on until I am revving at about 90 on the flat in the highest gear I can comfortably manage.

My route took me over almost 30 miles and the last half was the hardest as that was more into the wind and less shelter and the other thing was that as soon as I got home the sun came out again.. typical.. !!

I was nowhere near my 600 mile target for July due to the aftermath of the holiday and various events that interfered with my riding schedule.  I fell short by about 200 miles.  Hopefully I will back on target again for August?