I did my third ride in three days today, hence the making up for lost time heading after my recent lapses on the cycling front.

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I opted out of the Team MK ride and instead contacted my friend Cyril and we arranged a rendezvous about equidistant from our homes and set off on a ride to Grafham Water a huge man-made reservoir west of Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.  I did ride around it once on my mountain bike and I am sure it is about 10 miles all the way round.

Grafham water

Grafham Water

It’s a pleasant enough ride mainly through typical quiet rolling English country roads and lanes with the minimum of main road use.  The journey out was made all the better because of a following wind and I tried to ignore the thought that its going to be a tough ride back.

We made it to the cafe at Grafham and enjoyed a mug of tea and I had a large slice of date and walnut cake that had a layer of sticky brown caramel in the middle of it and also over the top.  In retrospect I know I should have taken a picture but you’ll just have to imagine it.  Suffice to say it had to be eaten with a fork as it was so sticky and ‘gooey’ inside and out!!  Cyril had settled for a boring piece of fruit cake..

Suitably re-fuelled we set off for the return trip against a strong and gusting west wind.  It was just a matter of heads down and steady cadence until we completed the trip.   A round trip of 52 miles on a pleasant day through pleasant countryside and pleasant company.