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I went for a ride with my stepson Ian yesterday, a bit harder than my normal solo rides but a good workout.

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I was aiming for around 45 miles and I made the route up as we went along.  I just pieced together  bits of other rides that I do.  It ended up at a shade under 50 miles of central Bedfordshire, predominantly lanes and quiet roads.  The area consists of what could be described as rolling countryside, somewhere between hilly and flat.  It was just the right weather for bike riding, quite bright, not too sunny and not much of a wind.  The route encompassed the villages North Crawley, Ampthill, Clophill, Stewartby and Astwood.

Stewartby is an interesting place in that it was created by the London Brick Company to house its brick making employees.  If you want to read more detail I suggest you click the link at the end of the previous paragraph.  When I first moved to the area the brickworks was still in full production and there were 167 chimneys from the brick kilns in the area putting out all kinds of smoke and pollution.  I noted yesterday there are only four left and I see that they avoided demolition as a preservation order was placed on them as a reminder of the history of the area.