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I decided to ride over to Hanslope from Olney and intercept the ‘C’ group club ride there instead of driving or riding over to Stony Stratford to start from there.  But I knew I would have to ride back from Stony Stratford after the ride thus making a total of over 60 miles

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I woke to a bright and sunny morning and after breakfast I took a steady pedal over to Hanslope.  I had estimated it would take them about 30 minutes to get to Hanslope after their 9:30am departure.  I left home about 9:15am guessing that it would take me about half hour to get there as well and have a bit of time to spare.  That worked OK and I joined on the back of the group for the undulating ride around to Canons Ashby.  There was just one stop as someone had a puncture.

Refreshment Time

The cafe is part of Canons Ashby House, a National Trust property in Northamptonshire.  Its a nice little cafe, situated in one of the old outbuildings of the big house with plenty of outdoor seating in a nice garden area.   After refreshments, in my case a coffee and a piece of coffee and walnut cake,  we were back on our way again and needing to warm up as the clear blue skies had been replaced by clouds and it even appeared that rain might be imminent but fortunately it held off.

Assembling for departure

The route back was up and down and took us through Silverstone village and somewhere in the distance I could hear the high pitched whine/roar of motor racing taking place on the Silverstone motor racing circuit.

As usual the pace speeded up towards the end and the group split apart as it often does but for most of the ride we all wait for the group to re-assemble but once we get within about 10 miles of the end that piece of etiquette seems to disappear.

Soon enough we were back at Stony Stratford and I just carried on through and rode the 12 miles back to Olney, fortunately with a  tail wind.  I felt OK though and not at my limit by the time I got home, which is nice.