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Well done Felt bikes..!!!

My first line of enquiry regarding the tube I was seeking was naturally to Felt’s UK agent.  Within about half an hour I had a reply back informing me that the tubing was nylon, they had some in stock and would send me one free of charge if I sent them my address, which of course I did

I am very much impressed by the prompt service and offer.  Very good customer service and relations in this day and age which seems dogged in the main with customer non service.. !!


PPS to my PS

Just had another prompt reply from Felt..

I just thought I would pass this on as I think its worth mentioning..it may come in useful for someone else !

“To fit the new one you will need to do the following: This precautionary, as it a lot simpler than it sounds.

 Leave the old piece in place, insert an inner cable with no cable ends, leaving a good 12” of cable either side.

This will act as your guide for the new one.

You can now remove the old cable guide, trying to leave the inner cable in place as described.

The inner will now act as your guide when pulling the new piece through with out to much fiddling about.”