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I rode over to Stony Stratford this morning for the start of the ride as It was going to be one of those rides that goes out past Olney and then back through or near Olney on the way back.

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It’s a strange looking map of the route because there was a misunderstanding of the outward route.  We should have taken the Felmersham loop on the way out but instead we did it after the coffee and cake break at Carlton.  A big chunk of carrot cake for me, and then we retraced our steps almost back to Olney where I dropped off to head for home as I had done the miles to Stony Stratford before the club ride started.

Carrot cake 2

Carrot Cake

It’s odd how it always seems hard on the club rides and yet the average speeds are usually at or below the average speeds I maintain when I am on solo rides.  I can only think that it’s the stop, start. speed up, slow down nature of the riding in the group that wears one down and yet it should be easier in a group.  I dont think its a very disciplined group in the ‘C’ group.  Quite often people get on the front and just ride flat out instead of a good steady speed and swapping the lead regularly and maintaining tempo.  I keep being tempted to ride in the ‘B’ group as I know that it is a more even pace but its a faster pace.  Maybe one of these weeks when it looks like an easier ride I will give it a go.  I know I have been saying that for around a year now but still keep chickening out.

On other matters the new bike position with the spacers removed from the head tube and a lower position seemed to work OK.  Also you will see from the previous post that my little bit of guide tubing for the front deraillieur arrived this morning while I was out and I fitted that before settling down to watch the Vuelta a’ Espana this afternoon.