On Target For My Target..

I had already decided I would go out for a ride today before the day dawned and a longish one at that as I had to reach my 600 mile target for August.

I rode on my ‘second’ bike today, the Specialized.   It is now wearing the new Brooks Team Pro saddle and I needed to get the saddle ‘worn in’.  It already had 40 miles in it from the other day and hopefully another 60+ today.

I decided to base my route today on the Team MK 100 km sportive route around the outside of Milton Keynes. It definitely wasnt a summer morning this morning.  I wore arm warmers intending to take them off later but I never did.  It was cloudy, cold and also windy.  In fact I could have done with wearing some leg warmers too.

Click Image For Ride Data

I rode out pretty much into a westerly wind for about the first 20 miles then swung round in a more south easterly direction for a while and things got easier.  I had headed out via Stony Stratford along the back roads until just short of Buckingham at Thornborough were I swung south east and down to Stewkley, allegedly the longest village in the UK.  It is contested by Combe Martin in Devon but that is not a continuously populated street  unlike Stewkley’s 1.7 miles.

At Stewkley I turned north east and benefitted from the west wind all the way through The Brickhills and on through Woburn.  The road from Woburn took me through the deer park at Woburn Abbey so I stopped for a couple of photographs.  Woburn Abbey is the home of the Duke and Duchess of the Bedford.   The camera is level by the way, it’s the road that slopes.. !!

A 'Family' group

A larger herd about 100 yds away on 'my' side of the road

The deer are quite used to traffic I think but maybe not so used to being photographed as the road has posts either side to stop cars parking on the verge but it doesn’t stop bikes.. 😉

I pressed on north eastwards for a few more miles until I started to head north west and then found the west wind had become a north west wind as I was into the wind again!!

It was pretty hard going all the rest way as I was heading north until swinging to the west for the last few miles as i headed for home.

I was feeling a bit saddle sore by the time I got home as the saddle is pretty hard and still needs some more softening up and shaping to my butt.  I will apply cream to both !!

I finished with a total mileage of a shade under 62 miles in just under 4 hours including a break for some food.   I am now just 34 miles short of my August mileage target of 600 miles.  I have until Wednesday night to get those miles in and hopefully they will come with the club ride on Wednesday with some to spare.


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