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I went on my first Wednesday ride with Team MK for months it seems, certainly a long time anyway. I had decided to go on the Specialized bike and get some more miles into the new saddle.

I rode over to the start and fully intended to go with the slower group for a couple of reasons. One was that the Specialized isn’t as light or as ‘racy’ as the Felt and I know they set a fairly fast pace in the ‘faster’ group. Secondly my thinking was that as I had cycled to Stony Stratford and would have to bike back that would add almost 25 miles to whatever ride I did. Therefore an amiable ride around seemed more inviting.

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As it transpired, the faster group was going to Carlton, the same place as we went with the C group ride on Saturday this meant that I would not have to do the extra miles. Right up until the time I clipped my feet into the pedals I was still dithering about what to do but decided on the faster group.

We did set a fair pace but it was much more orderly than the Saturday rides, just two neat lines and close to the side of the road. Also the pace was steady, fast but steady therefore not the wearing constant changes of pace caused by going fast then slowing down for the slower riders to catch up and then rushing off again. It was a good experience all round and I enjoyed and the heavier bike didn’t seem as much of a handicap as I thought it might be.

We took a longer route out to Emmaus at Carlton, the one we should have taken on Saturday. We only had one cause to stop on the way while one of the guys investigated a tapping noise that suddenly appeared. It turned out to be a split wheel rim causing the problem so his ride was over. He rode back home after it wad diagnosed in the company of one of the other guys. Riding steadily and not climbing hard up the hills he should have been OK.

After that we were soon at the cafe in Carlton and I was tucking into another substantial piece of carrot cake. After a bit of friendly banter it was back on the bikes again and just over half and hour riding for me back to Olney.

I really enjoyed my ride and the company and hope to get out on Wednesdays more often again now. Oh and the saddle was a lot better today so the wearing in process is almost there I think.