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Some pictures of the trip down to Devon to take in stages 5 and 6 of the Tour of Britain.  I elected to see the start of stage 5 at Exeter and the finish at Exmouth as I it gave more chance to see the riders, albeit not riding but more time to see them and the bikes and I had never seen the start or finish of the stage although, I didn’t see much of the finish as the it was a high speed sprint finish, about 50+mph  so they were past in a flash, no chance whatsoever of a picture but a great atmosphere beforehand.

The signing in podium in Front of Exeter Cathedral about 90 minutes before the start

I then went to the teams parking area to see the bikes and hopefully some of the riders but they seemed to stay in the team buses until the very last minute.

Team Sky's race bikes ready for the 'off'

HTC Highroad spare bikes

Mark Renshaw and Mark Cavendish's Mclaren 'spare' bikes

Bernie Eisels race bike (4) and Mark Cavendish (1)

Front of Mark Cavendish bike with chunky 'Pro' Stem and Lars Bak and Marke Renshaw race bikes

A mini bus full of HTC Highroad riders

Bernie Eisel emerges, being checked by Allan Peiper..

Bernie Eisel

Ben Swift, Team Sky, last minute checks..

Lars Bak, HTC Highroad

Geraint Thomes leaving the Sky bus in points leaders jersey

Geraint Thomas

Race Start, Lars Boom (Yellow)

Mark Cavendish, HTC Highroad

This is at the finish line in Exmouth and the guy who did a brilliant job keeping the crowd entertained for 2 hours or more..

I didnt manage to get a picture of the finish as they were on us so fast and by the time I got through the crowds to the team bus area all the riders were safely locked away in their buses and preparing for the trip to Taunton for stage 6..