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After all the excitement of the Tour of Britain it was time for me to get back on the bike again on Saturday.

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Todays ride was to Turweston Aerodrome close to Brackley in Northamptonshire.  It’s now an airfield for light aircraft having served as a military airfield during World War 2.  It is home to the ‘The Flying Pig’ cafe.  I am becoming a bit of an expert in the standards of homemade coffee and walnut cake and carrot cake around the local area.  To be honest the standards are pretty high everywhere, it’s just the cost that varies from cafe to cafe.  Saturdays coffee and chunk of cake was a bargain at £2:50.  The most I have paid is £4:50 at the Bluebell cafe at Marsworth down near Tring in Herfordshire.

Carrot cake in pan

Carrot Cake

The ride itself was the usual staccato, fast and slow ride as riders were waited for.  It seems logic to me to find a steady speed and avoid the stop and start aspect.  On the return journey the ride all broke up as usual with about 10 miles to go.  I managed to stay with the leaders but the ride data will show the increase in speed and heart rate for that time..

Monday 19th

Monday saw me back on my bike again for a solo ride, (details here), another 45 miles the same distance as Saturday on one of my favourite rides that thankfully finishes with a tailwind.  We have had a south or south west wind for months it seems.  The wind direction usually governs my choice of route to some extent as i like to get the hard bit over with first.  Anyway I opted for the Pury End ride again.

I would dearly like to start off  in an easterly or north-easterly direction for a change.  Fortunately though I seem to have plenty of options in any direction.  However if the wind doesn’t change soon I will probably have to bite bullet and head off in another direction.

I don’t expect it will be too long before we start to get the cold north winds and implication there is that it will be winter and very cold.. where did summer go this year??

I am well up on my schedule for 600 miles this month despite a three day break last week.  So far I have done 421 miles, including the club ride I did today.  More of that later.  I am about blogged out this evening and I, and I expect, you, will have had enough for now.

I will also have news of how I set up a new and improved riding position and where I got the info from.  It proved very effective today..