Extended Ouse Valley Ride

My ride this morning was an extended version of my usual 20 mile ride.  I decided to add an extra bit and instead of coming straight back to Olney I turned left at Emberton and headed to Filgrave and took in an additional 10 miles by going further upstream in the valley.

Click Image For Ride Data

I really should take a special photographic trip at some time as it’s a very picturesque ride I guess but I probably take it all too much for granted.  I am not the most prolific photographer when out on the bike I know.  I am usually too concerned with the little blue and white gadget attached to the front of my bike.. the Garmin 500 or else lost in thought.  I am sometimes so deep in thought that I suddenly realise I have covered quite a few miles without realising it.   Today as I rode I was considering what my next ride target/ambition would be.   I came up with a few options but I will keep them to myself for now while I weigh up the pro’s and con’s.

It was a cloudy start to my ride but the sun was shining before I finished and still stays that way as I write.  It is forecast to be good weather for the next few days I believe, so that bodes well for the club ride tomorrow.  I am seriously considering moving up to a ride with the ‘B’ group tomorrow just to see how I get on.  They are headed for a coffee break at Salcey Forest so if I ride over to Stony Stratford for the start I can come home direct from Salcey after the stop and I will still have done the same amoung of miles as the group.   It will give me a chance to find out the pace of the group and if I can do rides with them in the future.  The ‘A’ and ‘B’ group have a policy of not waiting for riders that are dropped and you are expected to be able to find your own way home if you are dropped.  That seems fair enough to me and I know the area pretty well now anyway.

I went off at a bit of a tangent there and got diverted from my ride account, that’s the way my mind goes.  To continue.. I had a tailwind to start with and after my warm up miles was going pretty well.  I had to stop off in Harrold for a while to realign my handlebars as when I had been working on my bike in the week I must have omitted to get them straight.  They weren’t far out but just enough to annoy me.

The roads everywhere were fairly quiet so far as traffic was concerned, helped I suppose by the fact that it was a very rural, back road route.  The ride has a bit of everything, some fast flats and quite a few little climbs, a fairly good mix.  I promise to get some pictures on here before too long, hopefully before the sun finally disappears for the winter.

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