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Some pictures from this mornings bike ride around my ‘Ouse Valley Route’ from Olney.  I took the time to look for interesting pictures to show you why I like this ride, you can see the signs of autumn arriving in the trees.  I am never more than 10 miles from home on this 30 mile ride.  I usually have my head down and riding hard along these roads without too much thought to the scenery.  I should appreciate it more and now I do having taken the time to look for the pictures.  What a day for my bike ride too.. spectacular colours!

You will find a route map of the ride in my earlier post about this ride..

I took these pictures with my Blackberry.  I only put thumbnails in here for speed of loading.  If you click the image you will get big the picture then press return to come back here for more

Heading East along the valley, view towards Harrold

The drop down into Harrold

The view sideways, a touch of Autumn

Harrold Village Green

The Old School at Harrold

The Old village 'Lock Up' at Harrold where allegedly they used to put the drunks on a Saturday night!!

Entering Odell

The Bell Pub at Odell

Up the hill away from the Pub

Odell Church just over the top of the hill

The easterly end of the ride, River Ouse Bridge at Felmersham


Ride up the hill from Felmersham bridge

Looking back across the valley to Odell

Down the hill into Carlton

Entering Turvey



Approaching Newton Blossomville

Newton Blossomville

'Passing' the sign to the Pub in Clifton Reynes, too many paces !!

A view to home in Olney as I passed along the valley on the opposite side

And on along the road toward Emberton

Aaahhh... Jersey cows at Tyringham

hmmm nice creamy milk !!, couldnt possibly eat these !!

Tyringham House

River Ouse at Tyringham

Tyringham Bridge, the westerly crossing of the river, back on to the north side now

Tyringham House again

Entering Stoke Goldington

View over Stoke Goldington and the allotments

The road towards Ravenstone, down the hill round the bends up the hill then down again

Entering Ravenstone



Up the Hill through Ravenstone

Entering Weston Underwood, almost home !

Weston Underwood

Anybody want a tandem ? been here for years..

I think the riders were taken prisoner by the Pub, the Cowpers Oak at Weston Underwood

Almost Home, Olney in the distance...

Home Sweet Home ....