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Another Saturday comes around and they seem to come at me increasingly faster.  Up until yesterday I hadn’t been out for a ride since last Saturday, unusually for me.

I opted out of the Wednesday ride as I was half expecting a delivery that needed signing for but as it happened it didn’t come until Thursday.  I went out for a quick spin on Friday afternoon, the weather was too good not to.  I feel I should make the most of whatever decent weather we get now, making the most of the unseasonal but very welcome weather.

I rode around my 30 mile Ouse Valley circuit but in reverse.  Before anybody makes the obvious comment in the ‘Comments’ section, that doesn’t mean I rode it facing the wrong way.  I rode the route in the opposite direction to normal.. hmm that still doesn’t sound right?  I know, I rode it anti-clockwise.  There was a slight discrepancy in the mileage between the two directions but I figured that s possibly because I was riding on the ‘inside lane’ so to speak, like on a  running track.  It was meant a ‘loosener’ and bike check ride before todays club ride but I still found myself pushing the pace along towards the end.

Click Image For Ride Data

Todays club ride didn’t start out looking too hopeful weatherwise.  It was grey skies when I woke and still that way when the ride started, but later the sun came out again, it wasnt too warm but at least everywhere looked better.  The Autumn colours where quite spectacular in places but a club ride is no place to stop and take photos !!  There was a good turnout for todays ride, 35 in all, the biggest group I have been out with on the club rides.  Given that there are four groups that go out every Saturday and this was just one of them it certainly shows that cycling is getting more and more popular here.  Except maybe among the poor motorists that encounter such big groups out on the country lanes!

The ride speeded up considerable towards the end as can be seen from the split times in the ride data and as a result the group split up.  A group got away from the front and some of us where unable to get on to it being a bit further down the bunch but we got together and gave chase and caught them before the end of the ride.  I don’t mind having a go at the end as I know I don’t have to save any energy.  🙂