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I put the finishing touches to the winterisation of my Specialized bike yesterday and after finishing the decorating indoors this morning I went for 21mile spin to check it out in preparation for the Team MK ride tomorrow. (Saturday).

What I have done to the bike  is :-

1. Changed the triple chainring to a double, 36 – 48 (from my stock)

2. Changed the front left Sti lever from triple to double (from my stock)

3. Replaced handlebar tape

4. Replaced rear derailleur from long cage to short cage

5. Tidied and shortened cables and replaced where necessary (from my stock)

6. Changed tyres from Michelin Dynamic, smooth, to Schwalbe Lugano, slightly grippier (from my stock)

7. Changed front derailleur from a triple to a double ( from my stock)

8. Fitted front & rear lights, mini/flashing type to be seen not to see with (from my stock)

9. Mudguards already fitted but part of the winterization.

Specialized bike all winter ready

All seemed to go well this morning all that was required en route was a slight adjustment to the front derailleur and on my return a small realignment of handlebars and Sti levers, they just didn’t feel quite right so out came spirit level and measuring tape.