52 Miles and 5 Hills..

I decided to make todays ride a hard one.. I picked out a route with five hard climbs in it.  One of them I hadn’t done before but it was talked about during our cafe break on Saturday on the Team MK club ride.   It sounded like a challenging climb so I decided I needed to conquer it at the earliest opportunity and find out for myself what its like.

Click Image For Ride Detail

It was Lidlington hill.   It starts as steady drag up to and through the village and then gets steeper until its about a 12%.  It was half way up the 12% bit that I realised I couldnt get into the lowest gear and I really needed it so I stopped and made an adjustment and then continued on my way, starting again on a steep climb is never easy but I got into my rhythm again and pressed on to an easier section where the gradient decreases for a while and then a sting in the tail of a short sharp steep section before the summit.

The rest of the climbs I had done before but I had to do quite a convoluted route to fit them in.  There were another couple of climbs I could have included but the route got a bit complicated so I will have to save them for another time.  The climbs I did were all fairly well spaced out so it turned out to be quite a good route, one to be ridden again for sure.

The weather today was very misty and damp and pretty cool with a high of no more than 50F all the ride.  The high temperature indicated at the start in the ride data was because my Garmin was still cooling down from being indoors.

Todays ride took me just about back on target for my 500 miles this month.  If I make the rest of my scheduled rides then I should reach it.  The mileage suffered somewhat at the start of the month with quite a few missed rides and two seven day gaps between rides.  I know a lot of people only have the opportunity to ride only once a week or at the most two, especially at this time of year so I do consider myself lucky to have the opportunities to ride that I do.


2 thoughts on “52 Miles and 5 Hills..

  1. It looks like you had decent weather for the event, which is always a bonus this time of year. I have once or twice found myself unable to downshift on a steept hill but have not tried your technique. Usually, I just turn sideways and make the shift while moving parallel to the slope. Your way certainly makes sense.


    • it wasn’t just that it wouldn’t downshift it was that it couldn’t travel far enough because when someone (me) adjusted the gears after the last bout of mechanical meddling I didnt do it right, or probably didn’t check it properly. So I had to use the cable adjuster to allow the gear cage to travel far enough to engage the largest sprocket at the rear.
      I had been on a couple of rides before this but hadn’t needed to engage the lowest gear.


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