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Team MK Ride Assembly at Stony Stratford

Saturdays ride was quite an unusual one.  Prior to the ride I checked the proposed route as posted on the clubs forum.  It said it was to be just over 40 miles but taking a slightly different route. Due to the south wind we were going to head south to get the hard bit over first.

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The group was adjudged too large to ride as one so we split in two.  I started in the front group but within a couple of miles someone got a puncture so everybody stopped but i said I would roll on slowly just to keep moving as it was cold.  I was going to just keep pedalling very slowly up the long drag of a hill up into Whaddon and wait for them to catch up with me.   Just before the top I was joined by some more riders, including the wife of the group leader who had been in my group at the start, so I assumed we were all together again.  However this was the second group apparently as I realised after a while as someone else was leading the group now.

We seemed to be doing OK until just after Winslow when it was realised that we had missed a turn and were going well of course.  It was decided to turn round and head back to a turning that would get us back on course.  I wasnt familiar with this route and it seems I wasnt the only one.  But somehow enough people seemed to know parts of the route to get us to Turweston.   On the way, near to the destination we met up with the other group who were stopped by the roadside while another puncture was mended, the third one they had encountered apparently!

Eventually we got to the airfield and cafe but not before another rider got a puncture about a mile before getting there.

After some refreshment and a chat about all the mishaps we all set off back to Stony Stratford.  By this time we had already used up 36 miles of the proposed 40 so obviously this was going to be a longer ride.  By the time we were back at Stony Stratford I had measured just over 50 miles.  The return leg was considerably faster than the outward one, which had been quite leisurely at just over 14mph average.  The last 10 miles averaged over 17mph.

At least we had some decent weather for the ride an oasis of sunshine among a lot of dismal days.