This Weeks Rides..

Its not been a bad week for bike rides this week.  I have managed two so far and both were substantial ones.  I also did an hour on the exercise bike indoors on Tuesday.  I still have queries about my fitness but maybe that’s just because I always seem to push myself and maybe I need to get out on a club ride and measure myself against others.  Its been a while since I did that so perhaps I will make the effort on Saturday.

On Monday I did a 53 mile ride on one a hilly ride in to Bedfordshire, a ride I have done before and enjoyed, in a sadistic kind of way that cyclists do.  The weather was good and a little warmer, so not so much clothing required, reduced by one layer from earlier rides.  My ride stats were slightly better than my previous ride on this route.

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On Wednesday I went into Northamptonshire for 40 miles around another of my favourite routes around by Towcester racecourse and Pury End.  It’s slightly less hilly, more like rolling countryside than hills.  It was a pleasant enough ride marred only by a puncture about 10 miles from home.  It was a very rural road, little used and very narrow but because of the rains a piece of flint had obviously got washed onto the road and found its way into my tyre.  At least the puncture was easily traced as the flint was very easy to see !! on checking the tyre before replacing it after installing a new inner tube I found another puncture source.  A thorn had also pierced the outer and was protruding through the casing.  Just as well I checked because otherwise as soon as I pumped the tyre up it would have gone down again and I had not brought the usual two spare tubes with me!  So thats another tyre in the bin.  Fortunately I managed to locate and order another Schwalbe Lugano tyre yesterday afternoon.  I cant fault the tyre for the problem I had, not if you saw what I took out of it.  Nothing would have kept that out.  I suppose in retrospect another blogger might have stopped to take a picture of it before getting on with the repair but I am afraid I was too focussed on repair than taking pictures.

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Just prior to getting my puncture I came upon this sign of the forthcoming spring, snowdrops in bloom, a harbinger of spring.   My joy that we were moving to a better time of year only lasted about half a mile though before I got that feeling of no air between my wheel rims and the road..

Snowdrops at Grafton Regis

More Snowdrops

A pleasant and positive note to finish on, knowing spring is hopefully not too far away,  Happy Days !!


One thought on “This Weeks Rides..

  1. Glad to see you’re out in about during the dead of winter. I can hardly blame you for not taking pics of your puncture. When bad things happen to me during a ride, I rarely am in a mode to photograph the event.


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