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The last week or so my ride reports may have appear to have disappeared but I have taken to getting my exercise indoors on the indoor trainer.  The weather here has been so cold the last few days, just a degree or 2 above freezing.  I am giving the Life Fitness Sport indoor a trainer a go.

It is a computerised bike with multiple programs in it for all kinds of simulated workouts.  I have been doing simulated outdoor ride routes with hills and programmed cardio interval workouts.

For the ‘outdoor rides’ I get set up with my iPad and find a movie of one of the old classic cycle races or race stages on YouTube.  The workouts I do last about 90 minutes and I find a film to last around that time.  It certainly helps to pass the time and its inspirational to match the stars pedal stroke for pedal stroke.  Much better than staring at blank walls which is the main problem I have with indoor exercises.  I set the machine at a level near enough to match my speeds on the road.  I do a little bit more mileage for a given time on the indoor machine as there is no freewheeling or wind resistance so I think I have it about right.

For the Cardio Interval workouts I have done I am able to set my target heart rate and it calculates my intervals.  These last for less time, 45 minutes or an hour so I don’t bother with a movie for these so its rock music on the iPod in this case.  Plus you have to keep an eye on the computer screen to know when your new target rate is starting and what the target heart rate should be.

In the last week I have done just under 80 miles in 180 minutes and burned 1817 calories.  Hopefully it’s doing me as much good as being out on the bike without the hassle of getting dressed up and risking life and limb on the roads.  I have a turbo trainer but that’s in the garage at the bottom of the garden, its even too cold to venture in there at the moment.  Tomorrow I plan to get out on the Team MK ride so I hope to find out how my fitness is then and if I do need to actually get back out on the road.