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I think I was a little premature in taking my last ride when i did.  Since then I haven’t been out on the road again, despite the improving temperatures.  The cough and cold I developed over Christmas and that I thought I had shaken off has returned with a vengeance.

For the sake of waiting a couple of more days I have sacrificed a whole week of cycling.  I have had one of those tickley coughs that cause excessive coughing every time I get a little irritation in my throat, once started its hard to stop.  In the process driving my wife crazy I think.

I have had a couple of rides on the indoor trainer but only to turn my legs over, not enough that it causes too much heavy breathing.  I will now wait as long as it takes before I am back out on the road again and whatever fitness I have lost I will just have to try to regain as soon as possible.

The upside is that I have been getting plenty of time on learning my way around the new iMac and also starting to find my way around Adobe Photoshop Elements so hopefully the standard of pictures here will go up while at the same my fitness goes down the drain.  Did I hear someone say “What pictures ? ” I do promise to try harder in the future though.

I think it will be towards the end of the week at least before I am back riding again, but you can be sure that I won’t make the same mistake as last time and go too early.  Hopefully !!