This mornings Team MK ride became my 13th and last ride of the month taking me to a total of 475 miles for March, which is 75 miles over my target figure I had set for the month.  Given the previous couple of months I am quite happy with the outcome and had wondered if I had been a bit ambitious with my target but as it turned out I was probably a bit pessimistic.  I will aim for 500 this month although I know I have a couple of breaks planned in the month.  It will give something to aim for I guess !  Detailed stats for March are below for anybody interested in such things :-

March Ride Stats, Click for larger view

I fitted in another local ride of 30 miles on Thursday as the weather was really too good to miss.  However today it was back to seasonal reality with temperatures back to a very cool 11C after the previous three rides in about 17C heat.

The ride today was to Winslow via the usual very circuitous route.  Before the ride I managed to touch base with Ian from the club who made some very complimentary comments after a recent post on here, we also had the time and breath for a bit of a chat during the ride.

Click Image For Ride Stats

A club ride is always a very sociable event, being able to move around the group and chatting with various members and catching up with their news.  Completely different to riding solo and talking to your self and being in a group seems to make the miles pass by quite quickly.

The total ride distance was almost 45 miles, over 30 of which were completed before the refreshment stop at ‘Jenny Wrens Cafe’ in Winslow.  Toasted tea cake and coffee were on the menu for me today, just enough for the journey back to Stony Stratford.  Because it is so short, the return leg of this ride always develops into a bit of a road race type ride with the pace gradually increasing and the group slowly disintegrating as it does so, although how much this happened this time I don’t know as I was near the front and just concentrating on the wheel in front of me.  I was hugging it as we were riding into a wind and I was seeking some advantage that way.

All in all a very pleasant ride with pleasant company as usual, I just wish the weather had been a bit warmer but hopefully there will be plenty of time for that to improve.