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Since riding the Specialized all winter and having got used to the feel of it one of the first things I noticed on riding the Felt again with the Selle Italia Flite saddle was how uncomfortable the saddle seemed.  It was quite a bit narrower than I had become used to over the winter so I decided a change was called for.

After much browsing I chose a Selle Italia again as they have a leather seat but opted for the Selle Italia C2, it is a bit wider and flatter than the Selle Italia Flite.  However its doesn’t come in yellow so a change was called for and a choice between white and black where the only options and I chose white.  This of course then called for a change of handlebar tape to match.  I chose the Fizik leather tape with the small perforations as this is a tape I have come to like.  It seems to stay cleaner and can be wiped clean as well.

So this is the new look.  It was a bit of a struggle to drag myself away from the yellow look but now I have done it I think I like it better.  There is quite a bit of white on the frame although it might not show so much in this view.  If you look back a couple of posts to the ‘New Shoes’ post you will be able to see the old saddle and the old look.

I have done a 50+ mile ride today and no discomfort at all so I did the right thing and no regrets.  It was bitterly cold again today and it was back to the full length Bib tights again for me.