While In The Mood For Change….

While I am in the mood for change, along with changing the appearance of my Felt bike I also decided on a whim to change the  the theme of my blog…

Its not drastically different just a little more modern, it is called ” iTheme 2 “.  I have no idea what ‘iTheme 1’ looked like, it must have passed me by!  As you can imagine it is Apple based.    It seemed quite appropriate as my blog is now mostly written on an ‘ iMac’ desktop along with some contributions via my iPhone and iPad.

I happened to be browsing through the available theme options as I occasionally do, but haven’t done for quite a while when this one jumped out at me !  There is the ability to have a quick look at how it looks before committing to it, which I did and liked what I saw.

There were a few changes needing to be made once I installed it like re-applying the header and setting the background colour but that was all, all the other bits stayed intact.

So I hope you like it !

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