A Quiet Week

Its been a very quiet week, cycling wise this week.  After my ride with Team MK last weekend we went away for a few days near to Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk with the caravan in tow on Monday.  I almost took the bike with me but the weather  forecast was not good so I decided against it and sure enough, just when you don’t want it to be, the forecast was accurate.

It was so wet and cold that we came back on Thursday instead of the planned Friday return.  At least this allowed me a quick 30 mile ride on Friday morning before it started to rain again in the afternoon.  I had planned a ride with Team MK on Saturday but I wasn’t too keen on the route selected, it being a bit different from the usual.  Also I had ordered a new camera on Thursday afternoon after our return and I got notification on Friday that it would be delivered on Saturday so that was the clincher !

The camera is a Canon EOS 600d DSLR, I really spoiled myself.  I doubt you will see many pictures on here taken with it as its a bit bulky to carry around on the bike.  I do have my iPhone 4s though which has an excellent camera and my Nikon Coolpix L11 compact camera so if the mood takes me, that is where most of the ‘on the move’ cycling photos will come from.  I ALWAYS have the iPhone at least, with me when I go out on the bike so there is no excuse really, just my unwillingness to stop.  I am however, thinking of starting a photographic blog for posting my pictures on if all goes well

I know I keep promising to post more pictures here and failing to deliver but maybe the new interest with my Canon will get me into photographer mode more often.


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