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An unfamiliar object has been spotted in the skies over England recently.  Its a golden colour and seems to spread warmth along with the bright light.  It is affecting people in strange ways, some people are even removing one or two layers of clothes. Also I noticed a lot of people are walking around and smiling and seem to be feeling a lot happier.

The sound of lawnmowers can be heard long into the evening as you move around the streets and cyclists are much more noticeable, maybe because of their white legs and arms ?

I have even been tempted back out on my bike recently after a very long absence except for the odd ride here and there between showers interspersed with heavier rain.  I blame all the rain we had onto the government for declaring a state of drought and implementing hosepipe bans about 6 weeks ago and since then it hardly ever stopped raining.

Hopefully we will become familiar with this golden ball in the sky once again, memories of warm days on the bike and tan lines on arms and legs are beginning to reappear.

You would have thought, with all the bad weather we have had recently and being stuck indoors, that I would have found more time for blogging.  Unfortunately, although I had the time there was nothing much to write about, this being a cycling specific blog but I am sure i well get back into the swing of things again if what I believe is ‘Summer’ continues to establish itself !!