I thought some of you might like to see this picture if you haven’t seen it already. It is the last few kilometres of the 23 kilometre climb of ‘The Stelvio Pass’ (2770 m, 9088 feet)

It was the the stage finish of the penultimate day of ‘The Giro d’Italia and the riders had already been over four major climbs that day and followed on from the previous day when there had been another four mega climbs and all this at the end of a three week race. Both days the leading riders had been in the saddle for over 6 hours and on this stage nearer to seven, I am sure some of the sprinters would have still been arriving many many minutes later.. !!

Its hard enough trying to trace their route let alone actually riding it.. It was quite a spectacle watching it live on TV in HD, and that IS snow you see at the top.

The Stelvio Pass, final few km’s of 23.