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Sorry for lack of recent posts here and apologies for forthcoming absence of one month.  Tomorrow I am off for my annual trip to France for a month to get some vertical miles in on the bike in the Alps adjacent to Annecy.

View of Annecy, France, toward the lake from t...

Annecy town, towards the lake


Lake Annecy

English: Canal du Vassé, city of Annecy France...

Annecy Canal

Annecy will be the first destination apart from an overnight stop on the way down.   Will be staying there for about 2 weeks and then finding somewhere else for a few days on the way home and before reaching northern France for the last few days to take in stages three, four and five of this years Tour de France all being well.

Depending on WiFi availability I might be able to get some ride descriptions in here but I think most of my posts will be of a non cycling nature and will appear in my other blog, ‘Brians Blog’ .  Hopefully I will get some news updates and pictures in there from time.  I would rather save the posts in here for my return so it can be full of pictures of me breathless at the top of mountain passes !! but I think the mountain views will be better than those of me.. 🙂

So… see you in a while..