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Hi, I just thought I would pop in here and let you all know what I have been so busy with during my absence of the past few weeks.. The answer is I really don’t know what kept me away from blogging specifically just lots various things..

To start with I haven’t given up on the cycling.  The weather has been good and I have been out plenty of times.  Its not always been blazing sunshine but after the lead up to the Olympics here which was very bad weatherwise it suddenly got a lot better as soon as the games started.

I was very pessimistic about how it would all turn out but I was pleasantly surprised once it got underway.  I wasn’t at all surprised about the medal haul we got in the cycling events.  Team GB managed 7 golds out of 10 events on the track and bearing in mind they decided to cut out a lot of the events that we were good at and also limited it to one competitor per country for each event in a bid to try and stop one country dominating affairs that wasn’t a bad result at all.  The cyclists and the rowing team were responsible for the large bulk of Team GB’s medal successes.

In the road cycling we got 3 medals from 4 events.  It maybe could or should have been more but despite GB’s best efforts to get a win for Mark Cavendish in the road race it didn’t turn out that way.  It seems the other countries were just interested in making sure that Cavendish didn’t win rather than actually trying to win themselves.  They just left Team GB to do all the chasing of the breakaway and offered no help themselves until Team GB eventually ran out of puff and legs and by then it was too late to catch them and breakaway never got caught.

I went down to watch the Olympic time trial which is really best watched on the TV as you are more up to date with events from around the course.  However the riders do come past one at a time and so you get a chance to get a good look at them, unlike the road race where they all come past in a big bunch and its gone past in a matter of seconds and thats it.  This was the Olympics though and it wont happen here again my lifetime so I felt I should make the effort.  I took my eldest grandson Harry down with me and I think he enjoyed the occasion but he is a rugby, cricket and football person really so not really his scene, but being a general sports enthusiast as well it was an occasion for him also and it probably wont happen here again in his lifetime either.  We found a good vantage point on a long straight section of road so as one rider passed you could see the next rider approaching as they started at 90 second intervals.  I took plenty of pictures and here is one of Bradley Wiggins on his way to a gold medal.

Bradley Wiggins, Team GB

And this is a picture of Chris Froome catching and passing Sylvain Chavanal of France.  You can almost see the look of amazement on Chavanals face as he is caught, having started 90 seconds  ahead of Froome within 20km of the start.  I felt sure that this meant Froome was going to win the Gold medal but as it happened he ‘only’ got silver.  He must have started fast and Wiggins’ was a more measured effort.

Chris Froome and Sylvain Chavanal

It was definitely a good spell for Wiggins and Froome who, just over a week before had also finished first and second  in the Tour de France.  The first win of the event ever for a UK rider but not I suspect the last.

All the publicity surrounding the Tour and the Olympics cycling has resulted in a  terrific upsurge of interest in cycling throughout the UK.  Its been on the main TV news bulletins and the newspapers are full of it.  Bradley Wiggins even got to ring the big bell that kicked off the Olympics opening ceremony.  On my rides I have noticed many more cyclists about and there have been quite a few new people taking part in the Team MK Saturday rides.   Unless its just my imagination another positive result seems to be a better understanding of cyclists  by the motoring fraternity.   I seem to notice many more car drivers and especially truck drivers being willing to wait behind cyclists until it is safe to pass.  I always give a wave of acknowledgement when vehicles pass me after waiting behind me until its safe to pass and I seem to be doing it more often recently.

I started this post by saying lots of things had side-tracked me over the past few weeks and I seem to have concentrated on just one pretty much, so in the interests of brevity and not wishing bore my reader with too much I will save the rest for another post which should be along in a day or two. At least thats my intention.  I have just over a week before my second trip down to Annecy in France this year.  This time driving down with my cycling buddy Cyril and we will be camping and cycling daily from our base over a few Alpine lumps hopefully.   Therefore I had better get up to date here before my departure as there should be plenty write about when I get back..

To be continued…