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Oh yes I remember, I was about to report on my ride with Team MK on Saturday when I was rudely interrupted by a train of thought.!

So, lets try again.  The ride on Saturday was to Canons Ashby, which is a National Trust property that has within its grounds a nice little cafe and outdoor seating in a nice little garden should the weather be good enough.

Team MK Canons Ashby

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The day started off as a cold one although there was a some sunshine but at this time of year it doesn’t have a lot of power.  I am gradually getting into winter kit ride by ride.  This time in addition to the bib 3/4 length tights I swapped the tee shirt to a thermal compression long sleeve top under my Team MK shirt.  I also swapped my track kits for full finger gloves, not the thick winter ones yet though.

The ride out was a steady ride but with lots of slowing down to allow those behind to catch up. This was as a result of the leaders powering ahead on every climb and thus forming a gap instead of just keeping it steady and keeping the group intact.  Despite this by the time we had completed the 30’ish miles to the cafe we had averaged 15.7mph.

Canons Ashby from Plumpton Lane, Northamptonsh...

Canons Ashby from Plumpton Lane, Northamptonshire.

There was an event on in the garden when we got there.  Lots of people milling around in Victorian/Edwardian costumes and a some outdoor stalls selling home baking and various little craft type gifts.

We did all brave the outdoor seating but once my body cooled down after the riding I found myself a spot in the sunshine to keep warm.  We didn’t hang about too long though and after about half hour we were preparing for the return trip.

There was  a split in the group on the way back and some of us opted for a more measured approach to the riding and split from the slower riders as is pretty much the usual procedure for these rides.  it occurred with about 8 miles to go.   There was a slowing down for somebody to ‘answer a call of nature’ and instead of just stopping and getting cold we continued to soft pedal.  Eventually somebody came up from that group and said to carry on as there had been another problem and they would come back separately.

Also as is usual, the pace gradually got faster and faster and this group stretched the elastic to snapping point in several places. As will be seen from the ride stats, once we got going again we achieved a 22mph average for one 5 mile stretch before the end of the ride.

I was quite happy with my ride having just had seven days off the bike, I was fearing the worst knowing how quickly one can lose fitness at my age.  The good news is that I discovered while at the cafe I wasn’t the oldest rider that day as there was a 72 year old present, John, who was with us until near to the end of the ride.