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OK, so last Saturdays designated destination for the Team MK ride was Salcey Forest.  Rides over this side of Milton Keynes usually mean that I bike over to Stony Stratford for the start of the ride and then drop off close to Olney on the way back.

I therefore biked over to Stony Stratford and the group gathered and we set off on our ride.  All the conversations I had, had been about the ride to Salcey.  So far so good !  We usually take quite a convoluted route to our coffee stop as to go there direct in most cases would mean hardly any ride at all.  Therefore the fact we were headed north west out of Stony Stratford instead of the north east direction that is towards Salcey rang no alarm bells at all.

However after about four or five miles we took a left turn when I was expecting maybe a right turn began to make me wonder.  I rode up alongside the ride organiser who happened to be with us that day and enquired what route we were taking to Salcey.. the reply being, ‘We are not going to Salcey, we are going to Winslow’ !!  It had been an on the spot decision by a couple of them after the planned ride leader didn’t arrive due to a recent heart operation..

Now to ride to the start and then the ride to Winslow and bike home again afterwards would have meant a total ride of about 75-80 miles for me.  Given my lack of recent riding, due to the reasons stated in the previous post this was not on the cards for me.  I therefore made a turn off to the right just after Wicken and set forth on my solo ‘club ride’.

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It was a pleasant enough ride and I made the route up as I went along.  This took me up towards Silverstone and the motor racing circuit and then turning off towards Towcester and the horse racing course.  After that I went past the Canal museum at Stoke Bruerne locks on the Grand Union Canal.  From there I was soon almost at the original destination of the cafe at Salcey Forest but I resisted temptation and came back via Hanslope into Olney, a ride of a shade under 40 miles and no stopping.