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It was a chilly ride this morning thats for sure.. I was definitely under dressed for the occasion.  I should have worn my thicker top.. during my ride it dropped down to 2c and stayed there until I got back close to Olney where it rocketed up to 3C !!

Loop ride based on Maulden, Bedfordshire

Loop ride based on Maulden, Bedfordshire.   (Click the map for full ride data and larger image)

It started out as a planned 50 mile ride but a combination of the cold and remembering that the last time I did this ride just before Christmas there was some major drainage works going on near to Haynes that forced me into ‘cycle cross’ mode through some mud.  I didn’t want all that bother again so took an alternative route to avoid it.  It was shorter on miles by about 5 but not on climbing.  The repairs carried out to the rear wheel seemed to stand up well, especially given the state of some of our rural roads at the moment.  (Some of the major roads aren’t so hot at the moment either come to that ! )

My mileage is above the schedule for 400 miles this month.  I am at 38% so far so may need to adjust the target later but I’ll wait and how the weather adjusts itself first.  It looks like we may be in for a cold spell and some snow at the weekend is a possibility apparently.

Talking of being above schedule my blog viewing figures have inexplicably rocketed suddenly over the last few days.. from around the regular 25 – 30 views a day it jumped on successive days from 90 to almost 200 and yesterday was 514 !  I don’t know whats going but I am not complaining, just curious as to what might have caused it.  However I would like to welcome all the extra viewers and hope they hang around for when the season really gets going.  Meanwhile, as always, all comments and suggestions are welcome.