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Only my second team MK ride of the year today, such has been the weather so far in 2013.

I was fairly soon regretting my ride yesterday afternoon that was going to be a gentle affair just to ‘get some miles in’ but turned out to be far from it.  I blame the Garmin, I could see I was doing better than Wednesday and wanted to see how much better.. wrong !!!

There were about thirty of us at the outset so the group was split in two.  Given my recent history I opted for the slower half.  However I don’t know how wise that was as our half went a different route to the usual one which is quite flat and slightly undulating at most.  This was much hillier but I survived so I guess its done me some good.

Click the Map for detailed ride data

Todays ride was to Turweston Aerodrome, an old World War 2 Airfield.  Its one of my least favourite places to go, mainly because of the access road to the cafe area.  Its about a mile long and consists of slabs of concrete, probably laid to create a road of sorts in the second world war and has received little or no attention since.  Every join between slabs is degraded and parts are broken off, there are numerous cracks that have developed into major hazards.  Patching work has only made it worse, more cracks.  If you are riding a bike with lightweight wheels its a case of having to try and pick the smoothest route, but there is no smooth route.

Once you reach the cafe and plane parking area its OK again.. and in summer its nice to sit outside and watch activities with the light planes coming and going.  Today though it was a case of getting inside the cafe in the warm.

Whilst sitting there I spotted a biplane taxiing toward the take off area so I hurriedly grabbed my phone and made for the door to take a photo.  I omitted to also grab my glasses so I was fortunate to get the picture that I did.  I am not sure if it is a really old plane or a reproduction one but it looked good.  Obviously of German origin by the markings or maybe just part of an air display team maybe?

IMG_0684 - 2013-02-16 at 11-56-41

The return was more direct and much shorter.  We suffered one puncture in the group so we had a pause while it was repaired and we were soon back on our way again.

As usual things speeded up towards the end and group was split up into several parts.  Next week its my turn to lead the group to Carlton.