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I am really getting the miles in now.  Another scheduled ride completed on schedule.  Another 40 miles ticked off on a route around the local part of Northamptonshire.

It was another one of my regular rides from my repertoire.  A good undulating route, nice scenery and quiet roads.  Nothing much to report about the ride itself. The ‘other rider’ count was still quite low, I saw four other riders so thats an average one per every 10 miles.  I’ll keep a check and see how how that ratio improves as the weather hopefully does.

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I am closing in on the monthly mileage target and hopefully will catch it up before the end of the month.  I plan another 40 miles on Thursday and I think around 48 on the Team MK ride I am leading on Saturday and then still a week to go.

My photo every ride plan almost came a cropper today. I use my iPhone to take photos when I am out on the bike and it showed a healthy 36% charge when I set out so I hadn’t bothered to charge it up.  I seldom if ever get or make calls when I am out.  I was only going to be taking one or two photos at most. When passing by Castle Ashby Manor, about 30 minutes from my house I paused for a photo opportunity.  I turned on the camera and Phuttt! it just switched itself off and I couldn’t turn it back on.   However I wasnt too concerned as I thought I might be able to ‘borrow’ a stock photo from Wikipedia.. which I did, in fact two.. as it looks now and as it did to the eye of an artist almost 200 years ago.


Castle Ashby House

Castle Ashby House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Castle Ashby from Jones' Views of the...

English: Castle Ashby from Jones’ Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen (1819). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess the ‘Then’ pic is a different view altogether from a different angle..  It is still the seat of a nobleman though, the Marquess of Northampton I believe?

PS: You will notice another new look here. I liked the look of this one, a bit different from the usual I thought.   It performs all the functions I require for now and in the future whenever I get around to sorting out the other facilities available.  That is until I start browsing through the available themes in a month or so.. !!!