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Having missed out on my scheduled Tuesday ride this week I was back on schedule with a ride today.  The old favourite Ouse Valley ride but this time the other way around.  It wasn’t the ideal way round so far as the wind was concerned but it was good to get a different perspective on the ride.  I think its a bit tougher this way around as most of the climbs, such as they are, are in the first half.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 13.49.24

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The ‘other riders on the road’ count today was three which is a slight increase over recent rides.  After missing last Saturdays ride and also Tuesdays, not to mention quite a few more during the month there was no way I was going to achieve my 400 mile target for the month.  March starts tomorrow and hopefully after the signs today Spring just might be on its way and I can make the target this time..

Today also marked a slight reduction in winter clothing worn.  I didn’t wear my full winter overshoes today.  Instead I just wore some toe covers.  These just cover the ventilation part at the front of the shoes.  They were very effective but then it was a lot warmer today.. a ‘scorching’ 7c average.

One thing I did notice whilst pedalling was that I had them on the wrong feet (see photo) to how they were probably designed to be worn.  Not from any effectiveness point of view but probably from the view of Mr Castelli.

IMG_0695 - 2013-02-28 at 12-17-16

I expect ‘He’ and his directors and shareholders would have preferred the writing to have been on the outside of my feet and on display more.  To be more easily visible to spectators along the route !!!

Should they complain my answer to them would be that I paid for them, they were not a gift from them and by wearing them I was actually advertising their product at my expense.  However this is the case with a lot products, not only cycling.  We the buyers become advertising boards for the makers.  Its long been my theory that if you buy something with a makers name on it you should actually get it cheaper.  Not as seems to be the case that you actually pay more for something with a brand name prominently displayed on it.

OK…. ride, report and rant over..