This morning I wandered down to the recreation ground to watch Grandson Will play in a  rugby tournament.  Here are some views of the sort of crowds of kids (plus parents) that attend these matches and training games every Sunday morning through the Rugby season, and this only the under 6’s and 7’s.  It was so wide a view that I couldn’t get it all in one picture.  Quite reassuring to know there are so many kids enjoying sport in this day and age.  I love to see it.  The same also happens on a Saturday morning with football.  One thing you can say about Olney is that the kids love their sport.

The only downside of todays event in my opinion was that although they won all their games there was no prize presentation or other recognition.  It was kind of a flat ending to just let the kids stroll off unrecognised.

Apparently there were not allowed to be winners or losers of this competition.  A shame I think.. Life is a competition why shouldn’t kids learn at an early age there are winners and losers in every sphere of life, not only sport.  It will save disappointment later.



Whilst waiting for Wills final game to start I strolled down to the River Ouse at the bottom of the recreation ground.  There I spotted this sign of the oncoming Spring..


On reaching the river I found the banks occupied by these guys taking part in a fishing match.. Not quite so active as the six and seven year olds and probably colder too.  Never the less they were taking part in their chosen sport and very happy to be doing so I am sure.  I have done a bit myself in the past but I prefer the weather to be a lot warmer for sitting around.