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A beautiful day for a ride yesterday, it was almost warm but definitely a touch of Spring in the air. If anything I was slightly over dressed.

Click this Image for Ride Stats

Click this Image for Ride Stats

I did my usual Ouse valley ride, the ‘right’ way round (clockwise).  There quite a few other cyclists about for a weekday making the most it.  The ‘other cyclists’ count soared all the way up to seven !  So thats another good sign.

Nothing of particular note on the ride apart from an idiot motorist on Olney High Street as I was coming home.  I was moving pretty much the same speed as the traffic, around 20mph, which as about as fast the traffic moves there anyway, but he was determined to get past me and then as he did so he promptly veered left off the high street into another road in front of me causing me to grab the brakes and veer left also.  I noticed as he went past there were no indicators flashing but I wouldn’t have seen them as a warning anyway as he wasn’t far enough past me at the time he decided to veer off.  Once I had regained my balance and composure gesticulations were made but he seemed oblivious !

This just a couple of days after a road race near Bristol was stopped on the third lap of ten because of another sad death of a cyclist caused by a car.  I know its not always the motorists fault but a lot do seem to be oblivious or uncaring about cyclists on the road.  This was a major road race marshalled by a proper race motor cycle escort service but they are not allowed to stop traffic, even momentarily, they can only ‘advise’.  I am sure there would be many more accidents on the open roads though were it not for the skill of some cyclists in taking avoiding action.