So Spring didn’t last long then, about a day and half and we are back to wet and dismal weather again.  Not looking good for the next couple of days at least either. 😦

I had planned a long’ish bike ride today with friend Cyril but we had to abort because of the weather.  Its no fun in the rain if you don’t have to do it.  I never mind too much if it starts to rain once I am out and warmed up it just seems a bit silly to set off in the rain.  Its never very inviting.

Mind you I was watching two different cycle races on TV this afternoon.  Todays stage of the Tirrreno-Adriatico race from one side of Italy to the other, was in Tuscany for over 200 kilometres and it was absolutely pouring with rain for the whole stage.  Whereas The Paris-NIce cycle race was in mid France today and it was glorious sunshine.  So it seems France is the place to be.  However on yesterdays stages both races where carried out in a downpour.  But at least they get well paid for their efforts.