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I made the most of todays continuing cold weather and stayed indoors nearly all the day messing around with my new blog set up.  Changing something, checking it, modifying it and generally chasing my tail around in circles like some demented dog.  Its been the perfect day for that kind of thing, staying indoors that is.  Just above freezing outside and with the windchill factor somewhere around -5c.  I’m so glad I am retired and don’t have to be out working in all weathers anymore.

I did have to venture out there this afternoon though as the caravan is having its annual, ‘pre-season’ service tomorrow and its winter cover had to come off .  I didn’t hang about too much doing that though.  The cover came off and was bundled unceremoniously into the garage for now.  The neat folding and packing into the bag can wait until its a bit warmer.  My fingers were freezing by the time we were done.  It was so cold that when I got indoors I phoned Dennis, the guy who will do the service to see if he wanted to postpone his visit until it was warmer.  He said its OK he would still come.  he was actually on his way home from doing a service in Essex and he has all the warm gear apparently.  Well I wont be standing around watching tomorrow as the forecast is that it will be at least as cold as today.

So far as the blogs are concerned I have pretty much got them set up the way I want them now.  Both this one and my photo blog site.  I need to get some more decent photos loaded up on there before I can set it up properly but its OK for now.  Its working but just not as ‘pretty’ as I would like it to be just yet.

I’m hoping the weather improves by the weekend as I am supposed to be leading the Team MK training ride again this week.  Regular readers will remember I had to call off the last one three weeks ago because of the icy conditions.  At the time I thought it couldn’t be the same story by the time it came round again.  It looks very much like it might but I’ll have to make a big effort and be there whatever the weather this time.. 😦