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I woke this morning with two of my favourite Randy Newman songs in my head, “I Think Its Going To Rain Today” and “Rider In The Rain”.

I pretty much knew it was going to rain today anyway because it was forecast.  Not only was there was an over 90% chance of rain until this afternoon but also 23mph winds.  However as I was the nominated ride leader for today I had to make the effort.   Today also marked the occasion of my last appearance as ride leader for Team MK as I had mentioned in a post here a few weeks ago after my 70th birthday.  It was just after another Team MK ride lead weather based debacle as it happens.

I duly set off at 8:30 for the ride to the rendezvous point at Stony Stratford.  It was twelve miles of headwind pretty much all the way.  It was like riding a twelve mile climb. The rain was quite light at the time I left but increased steadily all the way.  The song “Rider In The Rain” was running through my head a lot of the time as I recall when I wasn’t calling myself all the names under the sun.  Coincidentally the first few words of the YouTube clip above I found strangely appropriate.  Another coincidence was that we watched a film last night and at one point Randy Newman was to be heard in the background singing “I think Its Going To Rain Today”.

Randy Newman (i)

Randy Newman

On arrival at Cofferidge Close, Stony Stratford at about 9:20am there were only a couple of other riders there in total for all four ride groups (ABC&D).  Only one of which was from ‘my ‘C’ group which on a ‘normal’ Saturday could be around thirty riders .  Another arrived at 8:25 and it looked like just us three and we decided to call it a day.  We would just make do with the ride there and back, which in my case was 24 miles anyway.  By 8:30 another four appeared but our mind was made up and so was theirs, by us !  We then split up into two groups of four to go our various ways home.  Those that were heading east being us and those who were heading south and west.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 11.31.19

Click On The Image For Ride Stats

Out of interest, If you click on the Garmin link above you will actually see on the graph the noticeable difference in my heart  rate between going out and coming back.  By the time I got home my hands were frozen and I could hardly undo my jacket to get at the door key.  Wouldn’t you know too that as I sit here typing now the sun is shining outside, I’m sure its still cold though.

I am going to kick back and relax a bit now, before the stress of watching England v Wales in the climax of the Rugby Six Nations Tournament and also waiting for Watford Football Clubs result to come in..