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No bike riding today although it was nice enough for it.. especially compared with recent weather.  When checking my bike on arrival at Stony Stratford for the ride on Saturday I noticed an unhealthy sound coming from my back wheel area.  It sounded like some grit or something had got into the bearings.  I had no choice but to continue with the ride home and kept my fingers crossed.

This morning after breakfast and a few chores and when it was a bit ‘warmer’ I knew I had an appointment with my bike down the garage.  It needed fixing before I rode it again.  I gave the wheel spin as the bike hung on the rack and it seemed quiet actually.  Nevertheless I stripped the wheel down completely, quick release spindle out, removed the axle, removed the cassette and took the freewheel off.  I gave everything a thorough clean and reassembled it all again with waterproof grease and all seemed well.  I also got the chain cleaner gadget out and ran the chain through that a few times before applying a judicious spray of lubricant.  It definitely needed it after the last few rides, plenty of water about.

Now I am all set for a ride tomorrow, hopefully, but whats the betting the weather gods are not with me?