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This afternoons bike ride made for a nifty title I thought.  I was actually going to do a different circuit that took me near to but not actually to Roade.  However as I was pedalling and thinking, as I do when I am cycling, I thought to go to Roade would make a nice title so I had to go there to qualify.  It made it a ride of just over 35 miles and fifth successive day of cycling.

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It was a lovely afternoon for a ride.  I had spent the morning creating a road bike for my Grandson Harry to use on his first exploratory bike ride with me tomorrow.  I had offered him the chance to have a go just after his birthday as he has expressed some interest in the cycle racing on TV.  I was 15 when I first took up cycling properly and really got into it from then on.  Who knows it might be in Harry’s genes too?  To add to his Rugby, Football and Cricket CV.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Plan ‘A’ was for him to borrow my Specialized bike with maybe a few adjustments.  He was 15 last week and is pretty much the same size as me so not a lot of adjustments would need to be made.  However in a moment of genius yesterday I thought of using the frame from the ‘fixie’ bike I had made up but never used.  I was sure I had enough stock of spare parts hanging around in the garage that would enable me complete the job.  This would solve the problem of him not having a bike on hand to use as he wished.  I could make up this bike and leave it with him all set up and he could hang on to until he either decides against cycling or he gets into it and we can invest in something a bit better.

So this morning I set to to create a bike from what I had in stock and was  pretty much finished by lunchtime.  It just need a cassette block fitted and find a chain long enough.  I left these jobs to do until after my bike ride.  I didn’t want to waste the opportunity for a shorts and short sleeve shirted bike ride in the nice ‘warmish’ sunshine.

IMG_0812 - 2013-05-01 at 18-50-16I completed the bike on my return and now we await the events of tomorrow!  It looks pretty good I think.  The frame is a Raleigh Dynatech Titanium, so its quite light and the complete job is just a little heavier than my the Specialized but he is young and fit and I have to retain some advantage!!  Maybe not quite the latest fashion in frames but as long as the seat, handlebars and pedals are in the right place for a good riding position thats all that matters for now.  Carbon Fibre can wait until later.