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Well that was a tough ride for an old ‘un!!!

Just a shade under 50 miles at an average speed of a just over 18mph.  Given that the ‘C’ group pace is supposed to be about 15/16mph average I guess you could say it was a bit over the top.  I will forgive Dave for leading at such a pace today as there was a second, slower contingent of the C group.  Within the group it was like riding a road race, you had to sprint out of the corners each time just to keep in touch.  However I am not sure I can forgive him for adding the little diversion just before we got to Waddesdon which seemed to be solely for the purpose of including a stiff little climb!

The tea/coffee/cake stop was at the garden centre within the grounds of Waddesdon Manor, another National Trust property and formerly one of the homes of the Rothschild family.  Not a bad little country pad I guess.  I dined well on a substantial slab of muesli  cake and a cup of black coffee to set me up for the return trip.

Waddesdon manor facade.

Waddesdon manor facade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been there by car quite a few times to visit the house but this was my first visit by bike.  We usually go around Christmas time to visit the house, the interior is then decorated out in very traditional style and it is very ‘Christmassy’.  It kind of gets you in the mood for Christmas

It was a thirty mile route to get there and twenty miles back.  When we started to get towards ‘home’ some of the original thirty or so riders dropped off to head towards the southern side of Milton Keynes whereas the main group continued on our way to the start point of the ride at Stony Stratford.  It did get quite hectic for the last seven or eight miles before the finish and the lead group had whittled down to about four of us.  I thought it would be easier for me to sit in with them than to ease off and pedal back on my own in between the surviving groups of riders.  Anyway, we were nearly done by then and I didn’t have to save anything for later!

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