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It was time for another bike ride today and after studying the weather forecast I opted for an afternoon ride.  Some showers were forecast for the morning but some sunny intervals were promised for the afternoon.  Decision made, although I generally prefer to do my riding in the morning as it seems kind of right somehow.

Click Image For Ride Stats

Click Image For Ride Stats

I selected my often used route that takes me out to Blisworth After that the road between there and Stoke Bruerne pretty much follows the line of the canal tunnel which runs underneath.  It is about 2 miles in length and was dug by hand and completed in 1805.

Blisworth Tunnel, south entrance

Blisworth Tunnel, south entrance (Photo credit: kenkilfedder)

This is a breather tube next to the road I ride along that goes down to the tunnel below.

Blisworth Tunnel Vent

Blisworth Tunnel Vent (Photo credit: kenkilfedder)

and then on past Towcester racecourse

English: Towcester The Main stand at Towcester...

Towcester The Main stand at Towcester Racecourse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that I cross the A5 and head for the tiny village of Pury End where I swing round into a more homeward direction.

The sun never arrived, it was a very grey afternoon.  The wind did show up though, in force, maybe thats what blew the clouds over the sun.  It was hard to determine exactly which way it was blowing as when I set off it was into my face, which isn’t good as I go straight into a hilly start having had no warm up time.  There seemed to be various places on the route that I would be expecting a tailwind that didn’t seem to materialise.  Anyway, I should just look on it as more exercise for my money I guess and just get on with it without complaining.

Todays ride left me just 77 miles short of my 600 mile target for the month.  Which amounts to one a bit rides under normal circumstances.  Had it not been for a missed a week of cycling while I was away I could probably have made the target.  That and some very uninviting weather didn’t help.  But its not written in stone that I have to reach my targets, its just something to aim for.  It would be nice though.